“The programming language of choice for those who set out to solve the world’s very hardest problems.”

Common Lisp is not a HyperMeta product. However, we use it for a great deal of our programming and we are great believers in its ability to help us bring powerful, robust tools quickly to market. We encourage you to learn more about this ANSI standard language (X3.226-1994), and to consider it as an alternative to “commodity” languages like Java, C, and C++, especially for your most complex and difficult projects.

The Lisp language family was originally designed half a century ago to aid the then-nascent Artificial Intelligence industry, and has proven itself over the interim to be a powerful ally in tackling the world’s most difficult kinds of problems:

Common Lisp is an ideal technology for addressing the problems of the modern web.

Before labeling a programming problem “impossible,” always consider asking a Common Lisp programmer what they think!

Complete documentation on the Common Lisp language can be perused online at:
or for download at:

Community resources for the Common Lisp language, including FAQs, lists of available vendors, and sources of free implementations are available from the Association of Lisp Users.


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